German Renewables Shipbrokers: CMS-Website

Silverstripe Website für German Renewables Shipbrokers


Lamai Webshop

Lamai Webshop für Bike Ausrüstung und Food


Siemens Touchscreen Application

Touchscreen Actionscript Application for Siemens


ancrix photography Portfolio Website

ancrix photography is a freelance photographer and productioner for advertising and commercial shootings in the range of action, lifestyle...


Osteopathie Antwerpen - Bieke Vanden Berghe

Osteopathie Antwerpen - Responsive Website


Tablet Product Presentation

This Product Presentation was especially developed for the use on tablets. The operating of the user interface can...


stehmann: CMS-Website

Stehmann Mode GmbH - one of the few lady trouser specialists around, distributes its collection to more than...


Portfolio-Website esistwinter.de

"Es ist Winter" is a well known Design Studio in Nuremberg with the focus on 3D Animation and...

Playboy Bunny

Playboy Microsites

Playboy meets Stromberg KUTCHiiN. The Playboy organized the first time the PLAYBOY DINNER with the Title "Die Lust...

Adidas Uefa Truck - mach ein Bild von Dir!

UEFA Truck Mailing Software

This piece of software was created for adidas. It was used on a truck, which toured through all...

adidas Video Tool mit Messi

adidas Videotool in Capetown Fifa Worldcup South Africa

Based on my Thesis I developed at stilbezirk the Video Tool. It is basically a mobile Greenscreen Videostudio....

epoq lady

epoq: CMS-Webseite

This multilingual website for epoq was completely realized with HTML/CSS and Javascript. In the background works the CMS Silverstripe,...

Kneipp App für iPhone jetzt im App Store

iPhone App for Kneipp

This iphone app was developed to promote Kneipp´s new "Volkstablette". The app was supported by a big marketing campaign...

marin bike konfigurator

Marin Bikes - Bike Configurator

The Marin Bike Configurator gives the user the possibility to choose and try all different bike variants with...

stilbezirk - die hand

stilbezirk website

The new stilbezirk Website is online! Besides the elegant design there a of course some nice technical features: ...

Topline Website mit Jule Göllsdorf

TOP.LINE - moderated Website

For the writing utensils manufacturer ONLINE Germany I created this moderated Website. Jule Göllsdorf is guiding through the website...

Youngline Produktfinder - Finde Deinen Style!

Young.Line Produktfinder

The Young.Line Produktfinder for the writing utensils manufacturer ONLINE Germany gives the user a handy tool to find within tons...


PLUS - Performance Review Software

This piece of software is a tool for preparation, execution and evaluation of employee performance reviews. The questions for...