MiniRx Signal Store is a state management library for Angular, leveraging Angular's Signals and RxJS for synchronous state management and asynchronous tasks, respectively. It's designed as an all-in-one solution with three main state containers:

  • a Redux Store API for large-scale global state management
  • Feature Stores for global state with minimal boilerplate
  • and Component Stores for local component state.

This structure provides flexibility, allowing you to choose the most suitable container based on your use case. MiniRx Signal Store integrates deeply with Angular, employing modern APIs like Signal and DestroyRef, and adheres to new Angular best practices by using Signals for state and RxJS for events and asynchronous tasks. Notably, it offers seamless interoperability between RxJS Observables and Signals, eliminating the need for conversion code in your applications. Additionally, MiniRx Signal Store is lightweight and extendable, offering extensions such as

  • Immutable State,
  • Redux DevTools,
  • Undo,
  • and a Logger

Its object-oriented programming (OOP) style make it attractive for developers from OOP backgrounds and those seeking to maintain a consistent state management approach across different frameworks.

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